The Value of attending a programme like this

Programme Overview

Who Should Attend

Any business person who delivers critical business presentations to a large or small group, internally
or externally.

Programme Introduction

This is an instructor-led presentation skills programme for up to 12 participants. A pre-programme
assignment must be completed before attending. At the end of the programme participants receive a
manual, and reinforcement kit, including personal instruction on their own miniDVD.

Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to organise, prepare, and deliver a professional
presentation to a group, using appropriate verbal skills, non-verbal skills, and presentation media.

Instruction Method

Instruction and skill reinforcement is through a series of work-related exercises. Coaching is continuous
and where appropriate, fi lmed for private review. Change is both measurable and observable.

  • Interactive tuition throughout
  • Group exercises
  • Individual practice with real-time coaching
  • Coaching and feedback to build individual as well as integrated skills
Our Teaching Methodology

Individual skill development is achieved through a series of practical exercises rather than a lecture on
the theory. Exercises are coached intensively and where appropriate, fi lmed for private review.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their full presentation to apply and reinforce their
learned skills.


Some of our clients and the results they achieved by attending this programme…