“Very lively and useful programme. Excellent techniques and training. It will really help our communication skills improve! ”
Anne Melekian

HR Project Director for Europe,
Sanofi-aventis Paris, France
“Very good programme! Professional, informal, pedagogic”
Svante Forsberg,

Chairman Deloitte Stockholm, Sweden
“One of the best business development courses I’ve been on in 8 years in London! I have improved a great deal. Very effective instructors and fun!”
Michelle Tierney,

Senior Marketing Manager, RBS London, UK
“I learnt some really good tips especially the eye-movement and pauses. I saw a ‘big’ difference in my first and last recorded presentation. DVD recording was really useful”
Heidi Lindqvist,

EMEA Marketing Manager, VeriSign London, UK
“Challenging. Intense. Rewarding. Useful.”
Allan Campbell,

Group Information Risk Manager, Barclays, London, UK

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This exciting new programme will give you the tools to be a more effective communicator, more often with more people …and still have time to play!

There are many skills that make you an effective communicator and good at what you do. However, five skills are consistently identified as critical ‘must have’ skills.

  • The ability to present is regarded as the number #1 core skill requirement in business today. If you cannot present your case, or articulate a story effectively, you are limiting your potential.
  • The ability to negotiate skilfully is an art. Negotiating respectfully so that the outcome is a genuine win-win, and ‘fair exchange’ of value, is what develops rapport and strengthens relationships.
  • Having a unique, proven system for sales and consultative dialogue skills will not only improve sales results, but also build client-centered relationships.
  • “Time” is a finite. It is the only bank account you can make a withdrawal from, but can never deposit in…spend it wisely! Time and self-management as it is crucial in business.
  • Working in a happy effective team makes a massive difference to a project being a success or not. Learn how to develop your teams’ collaborative skills and breathe life, creativity into your team.

You will learn and practice all these skills and so much more at the 3-Day Complete Executive seminar.

Choose which payment option you prefer below. We very much look forward to working with you, see you at 10am, on the 11th June 2010!


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‘The Complete Executive™’ Guarantee.
Complete Satisfaction or 100% of your money back no fuss, no quibble.
It is my commitment to you that we will deliver a world-class 3-Day seminar, keeping our promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with the programme.

My promise to you…

If by the end of Day 1 you are not entirely satisfied with the programme, the content and your learning experience, I will return all your money back 100%, no quibble, no fuss. That is my promise and commitment to you.
To Your Continued Growth and Success,
Kind Regards
Laith Hofayz, Managing Director, ImpactSkills Training
PS: You will only receive the 2 Extra Bonuses if you reserve your place by 1st June 2010.
Bonus # 1:  The whole event on DVD, CD and Transcript; Value £247
Bonus # 2:  Access to Me / Trainer 1:1, 2 x 20min Presentation Consultation; Value £497