2 Essential Skills for Stunning Business Presentations

“The best business development course I have been on in 8 years in London!  I have improved a great deal.  Very effective instructors and fun!”
RBS Senior Marketing Manager

“ImpactSkills and their facilitators have shown great professionalism, flexibility, creativity, team spirit
and caring. I especially value their understanding of our company culture and our business environment
and they act with confidentiality and integrity. 

I can whole heartedly recommend ImpactSkills as a value adding business partner”
Deloitte, HR Partner


5 Reasons you should not miss this opportunity:

  1. A Very Limited Opportunity to enhance Your Presentation Skills.
  2. A Rare chance to work with, and learn from a World Class Business Coach to dramatically improve your Presentation Skills.
  3. Profit immediately from 2 Presentation Techniques you will own and can use immediately
  4. No Risk or Obligation at all
  5. Absolutely NO ‘selling’ at the end of the Showcase.  If you like what you’ve experienced, I am confident we will develop a long relationship.

It takes just thirty seconds for someone to form an impression of you. Do you remember your last Business Presentation? Did it go as well as you’d planned?

  Could you have done with more…
  • Confidence in your ability
  • Clarity in your message
  • Credibility in front of your audience
  • Charisma in your delivery
  • Competence at an essential business skill
  Would it have helped if you were more…
  • Relaxed
  • In Control
  • Persuasive
  • ‘Engaging’

Interestingly, our brains form an instant opinion based on your appearance; your voice and how you sound, how you look, your body language and general demeanour.

That initial impression forms a perception in our minds. If you happen to be giving a presentation, and it’s a bad impression, you have two choices;

  1. Either work extremely hard to win back your audience (not recommended) or
  2. Create the impression you intended in the first place.  

We’d suggest the latter – immediately create the impression you . It’s easier than you might think, and we can give you the skills to do this.

As far as your audience is concerned, the perception they formed of you is their reality! So give yourself the best chance of being a credible and confident presenter. Make sure that what your audience sees is the impression you want to give.

The Good news is – these highly effective, stunning presentation skills can be learned!

Contrary to popular belief, great presenters are not born! Like you and I, they learned these skills, and then practiced – a lot!

This is a half-day course, normally priced at £295. This is your opportunity to learn Two  Essential Presentation Skills for FREE.Your investment is essentially a couple of hours of your time, otherwise it’s FREE.

Spaces are limited – strictly RSVP first come first served. 

  The Key to unlocking your potential

Research shows that there are several key skills that underpin any great presentation, and that 93% of what we say – is not with words! (A.Mehabrian) et al. 

"The business presentation" is a core tool that anyone in business should have. It is one of the fundamental differentiator between you and your competitors. How good are your First Impressions?

As a result of our NEW unique real-time coaching and skills-based methodology, you will learn and own two priceless techniques that you can use immediately back at work.  Join us at the Hilton Metropole, let ImpactSkills show you how to become a great presenter! 

You will be in good company with organisations like RBS, Roland Berger, Ford, Barclays, MSX International and VeriSign who invest in their employees to ensure their presentation skills give them:

  • The ability to deliver clear, focused messages
  • Delivery skills that guarantee the effectiveness of the message
  • Reduced nervousness and stress when presenting
  • Confidence when handling a challenging audience or questions
  • Ability to use media to enhance the message
  Once again this is a limited opportunity …
  1. Actually, a very limited Opportunity to become a Confident, Powerful and Charismatic Presenter.
  2. A rare chance to work with, and learn from a World Class Business Coach and Communication Expert to dramatically improve Your Presentation Skills.
  3. Profit immediately from 2 Powerful long-term Presentation Techniques
  4. No Risk or Obligation at all
  5. Absolutely NO ‘selling’ at the end of the Showcase.  If you like what you’ve experienced, I am confident  we will work together in the future.  


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The Impact of World-Class presentations cannot be underestimated.  Our previous free workshop was booked-out within hours.  There were many who simply responded too late and were disappointed. Please RSVP immediately to reserve your place.

July 15, 2009
Park Lane, Central London
Session 1
9:30 to 12:30pm
Session 2 
2:00 to 5:00pm

Participants numbers are limited.  Remember our last promotion was booked within hours (not surprising perhaps, as you’re getting World-Class Training for FREE) 

If you feel you would benefit from being a better presenter and communicator, book now to avoid disappointment.

This programme is normally £295.   So our sincere apologies, due to previous unprecedented demand, this is STRICTLY FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS ONLY.  These promotions rarely take place – book now to reserve your place

What you will receive:

  • 2 Essential Presentation Skills you can own & use immediately back in the office!
  • Your own miniDVD of your coaching session
  • The programme work booklet with useful presentation tips
  • Free refreshments & snacks
  • 3 hours+ of interactive learning and fun!
  • Plus your bonus gift!

Once You experience just two Skills and our unique ‘real-time’ coaching methodology, and realise how powerful Your presentations could be, you may very well enquire about Corporate Programmes, or the next Public Programme.

So what’s the Catch? 

Is £20 unreasonable for Two World-Class Skills? Actually, it really is FREE.

However, in two weeks you will be sent a link to pay £20 to Confirm your place. That £20 is then refunded in FULL on the day of the seminar.

Why do we do this? Simple. There are very limited places on our Workshops (to ensure quality). Unfortunately from time to time, clients cancel without notifying us, or, simply do not show-up on the day.

All showcases have a Waiting List of clients very keen to learn these new skills and take advantage of FREE training. So to ensure NO ONE is disappointed, we ask that you commit £20 (so we know you are serious!) which will be paid back on the day in cash, or directly into your account.

Your place is ‘reserved’, but not confirmed until payment is received.


This is a no quibble Guarantee.

There is no catch. We are completely Open about our marketing strategy.

We sincerely believe that in these Economic Times – EVERY PENNY COUNTS! So, we like to ensure that you invest your Training Budget very wisely.

  • You wouldn’t buy a car without a “Test Drive” or,
  • Buy a House without several “Viewings”

So we wouldn’t expect you to buy training before ‘Test Drive’ either!

Thanks again for your time. We very much look forward to meeting you on the 15th JULY 2009 for coffee & croissants, and a lot of fun!


YES! Reserve my workshop place NOW

Simply click on the Book Your Place Now Button below complete your payment details and your place will be booked for you


 Why should I invest 3 hours of my time?


If you’re serious about perfecting and enhancing your presentation skills; read what others gave said about the programme…

Latest Showcase Testimonials:

“Very useful and very well run, I can’t believe it was free. Excellent! ”  W. Morris

“Very effective session showing how small changes. Can make a major difference in delivery. Very good facilitator and presenter. Will make a big difference in how I present in future.” T. Mills

“Fantastic! Really enjoyed it and would have to do the 2 day course. Was taken out of my comfort zone, challenged and made to feel great.” J.Glenda

“Excellent! Learnt such a lot in only 3 hours. Fell much more confident and was amazed to see the difference in my 2nd DVD.” F.Murray

“Very useful. It is great to see how much you can get in ½ a day. Thank you so much.”  A.Ogundipe

“Entertain, interesting and enlightening. Can’t believe how much I learned from just one morning. It was amazing to see on the video just what a change the training had made.” K. Milsom

“Very good. I found the show case to be very useful and different to other presentation training I have been on, would be happy to recommend.” A. Rogers

“Useful training, good to see myself presenting on the video. Presented in confident way easy to digest and absorb information." K.Olejnik

“Very good, excellent taster! Really valuable tips in a short space of time. Great trainers.” Z.Khan-IItaf

“Very useful tips, given out in a lively and safe environment. Well managed event which was very enjoyable. Excellent!” P.Renjan

“Coaching style is very effective as it identifies individual weaknesses. Filming is also a good way to interpret the skills, speaking tools and tips. Hands-on style is very effective at making you remember what you learnt. Great way to identify weaknesses. One of the best programmes I have attended to date.” J.D’Labaya

“Surprisingly useful, a real eye-opener! Fantastic delivery a training and the hands-on approach really ensures that you walk away feeling that you’ve truly learnt some valuable skills.” H.Goodyear

“Really enjoyed it. This will completely change my style of presentations, and give me much more confidence.” R.Chhatralia

“Great! Will speak to my boss and recommend; liked skills practice-better than our current provider.” E.Romanova

“It was an excellent showcase, I learnt many tips, which I will take back to my organisation. ” A.Bryan

“Very enjoyable! The more you practise the better you get, so the format works well.” C.Borton

“Very good-trying out skills in a ‘safe environment’, enjoyed showcase and learnt a lot about myself Highlighted areas to go away and practise.” A.Palfreyman

“Brilliant! Excellent trainer and team-wish it could have been longer!” L.Humberstone

“Very enjoyable and interesting –skills learnt and techniques used good and useful. Will discuss with my sales director and see whether we are interested in corporate courses.” I. Morris

“Very good! Even though I have been on many training workshops, still picked up many tips and techniques. Really good! ” B.Foo

“Excellent. Will throw it into the “mix” for Management Development Programme.” G.Huw

“Very good, fun filled and interesting.” B.Sujit

“Brilliant, excellent, well worth it. The on the job feedback and filming helped enormously when it comes to my progress.” G.Williams

“It was brilliant experience. I liked the idea of an interactive training. The presenter was very credible and enthusiastic, which motivated me to practice my presentational skills more.” A.Parial-Fountain

“The trainer was excellent! Found the filming DVDs really useful as were a coaching sessions.” C.Hopkins

“Well delivered, great agenda. Really good trainer. Enjoyed the workshop. Exercises were really effective. ” N.Natkunan

“Exceeded my expectations and gave me huge amounts of confidence. I would recommend it.” S. Fenlon

“Great course and amazing improvement in presenting over an afternoon. Will be using new skills next time I present.” C. Cooper

One of the best business development courses I have been on in 8 years in London! I have improved a great deal. Very effective instructors and fun!
RBS, Senior Marketing Manager

Excellent Course! I’ve done three presentation/communication courses and this one has been the best and taught me the most by far!
VeriSign, Channel Marketing Consultant

Thank you for an outstanding training course . A weight has been taken of my shoulders. I can now focus on the content and not worry about the presentation skills. What an impact this has made on my professional life.
Senior Project Manager, MSX International

Very enjoyable! The more you practice, the better you get. So the format works extremely well.
Sypol Ltd

Excellent. I will throw this into the ‘mix’ for our 2008 Management Development Program.
AWD Group

Fantastic!! Really enjoyed it and would love to do the 2 Day course. Was taken out of my comfort zone, challenged and made to feel great!
Harvey Nash PCC

Very good! Even though I have been to many training workshops, I still picked up many excellent tips and techniques. Really good! Recommended!
URS Corp

Very interesting, very useful, informative and entertaining!
VeriSign, Marketing Director

Challenging, Intense, Useful, Rewarding!
Barclays Bank, Information Risk Manager

As for the presentation course, I must say that it was one of the best courses I’ve had. Especially the practical side of it, with a nice ‘view in the mirror’. This self reflecting way is just the way to make it successful. And with such a relaxed group and trainers it was also, indeed, big fun!!! Thank you Laith, and Cindy of course, for your input, education and personal approach.
Sales Excellence Specialist, Ford Nederland B.V.

Very Well structured with great content and delivery. I have really enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot of new practical skills which I can apply immediately in my business life.
Acumin Consulting Ltd, Founder & Managing Director

Amazing! Complete transformation of my public speaking/presentation skills!
Cantono, Microsoft Shareware Consultant

Fantastic! Took me right out of my comfort zone, but I learned so much. I would highly recommend this programme
Balance UK, Director

Thank you for an outstanding training course. A weight has been taken of my shoulders. I can now focus on the content and not worry about the presentation skills. What an impact this has made on my professional life.
Ford, Senior Project Manager

Very positive! I’ve learnt a lot from this programme, and felt it was ‘uplifting’, fun and it focused on the right levels of experience I have.
VeriSign, PR Manager

Brilliant! Excellent trainer & team – wish it could have been longer!
XL Group