Are you committing the Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting?

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As you are probably aware it is widely recognised that one of the most important skills in business is the ability to ‘present’ and communicate well.  In fact World-Class presentation skills are consistently cited by senior management in any sector, (irrespective of your function within the organisation), as one of the most important skills any business professional must have in order to succeed and progress on their career path.

The person who can articulate their ideas well, and present their ideas effectively, persuasively and eloquently, using the best presentation skills, is the person who usually gets recognised and promoted faster through the organisation.  

However, for most presentation skills is one of the hardest skills to master. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege and the good fortune to have worked on six continents and in many dozens of countries, with thousands of individuals in different parts of the world with different religions, cultures, local traditions and customs, from Management to CEO level; coaching and training communication skills. That experience, working with senior leaders in industry over many years, has enabled me to distinguish and identify two things:

1: The Seven Fatal Presentations Mistakes which I like to call ‘The Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting’

2: The Seven ‘Universal Success Traits’ of becoming a world class presenter 

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Irrespective of where in the world I am and irrespective of their Role or Function; I seem to be having similar conversations with senior management, around firstly their greatest fears of presenting, which in a recent survey we discovered were embarrassing themselves by making the fatal presentations mistakes and secondly how they can prevent damaging their reputation or career in their next presentation, so I thought it is an appropriate time to share both the Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting and the Seven Success Steps to becoming a world class presenter with you.  

As there is a huge amount of content to cover in this programme I felt it would be better to deliver this programme to you in bite size chunks on a daily basis rather than overwhelm you with all seven skills in one day. 

Therefore over the next seven days I would like to invite you to participate in a FREE E-learning programme where I will be revealing all seven deadly sins and helping you to identify if you are committing them. However I must stress that the objective of sharing the sins with you is NOT to point out what you are doing wrong; it is to help you identify the mistakes you could be making and correct them which is why as part of this programme I will also be personally sharing with you the solution to prevent you committing the seven sins and will be providing you with the seven critical success steps that will ensure you deliver a world class presentation the next time you are asked to give a presentation.  

Every day for the next 7 days we will be sending you a link to access your programme and every day we will share one of the sins with you and one of the seven critical steps you must take to become a confident and effective presenter. 

To access this programme simply register below and let us share with you the tips, tools, skills and techniques that today’s world class presenters use.  

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By participating in this programme you will:

  • Learn how to remove your fear of presenting
  • Avoid making embarrassing mistakes
  • Avoid damaging your reputation in your next presentation
  • Dramatically reduce your nerves
  • Increase your confidence when presenting
  • Discover how to quickly develop rapport with your audience
  • Discover exactly what world class presenters do to hold their audiences attention and make a connection with every member of the audience
  • And much more… 

I look forward to working with you. Here’s to your continued success in becoming a world class presenter.

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P.S. Every day on the programme I will be sharing a video with you to demonstrate what it looks like when you are committing the seven deadly sins. I have also recorded another video to demonstrate the impact you will create in your next presentation when you implement the seven critical success steps that you will discover on this programme so please come prepared with a pen and your notebook to take notes.  

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