Congratulations, You Are Invited To A Fantastic Opportunity To Become An Effective, Engaging and Confident Leader

You are about to experience a dramatic increase in your confidence and skills at presenting, persuasive dialogue, consultative selling, negotiating and personal effectiveness!

You are invited to a World-Class 3-Day Seminar where you will gain proven tools, techniques and skills to dramatically boost your every essential business skills.


However, this fantastic opportunity is limited to 20  professionals only.

Standard Price £1247 – Book today and you get your exclusive place for just £532.


When: [sniplet completeexecutivedates]

Where: London, Park Lane


What’s included

We are packing a huge amount into the three days! Remember the 5 essential Management and Leadership Skills you will learn are:

  1. Executive Presentation | Communication Skills
  2. Consultative Sales | Persuasive Dialogue Skills
  3. Executive Negotiation Skills
  4. Self | Time Management
  5. Team Effectiveness

As well as the 5 critical business skills [above] you’ll also get…

A world-class Guest Speaker and a published author on Leadership skills.

We’re extremely fortunate to have secured a renowned international female guest speaker; talking about the Key principles of Leadership and success! In April 2008, she was named "Businesswoman of the Year" in SHE magazine’s Inspirational Women Awards. She has inspired tens of thousands of people with her talks and incredible leadership insight. I for one am definitely looking forward to listening to her!

  • FREE: The Park Lane hotel will provide their usual refined and quality refreshments all day, plus…
  • FREE: ‘Client Appreciation Evening’ We have a very special Saturday Evening lined up for participants who attend, a which will be a lot of fun!
Iron-clad Money-Back Guarantee
‘The Complete Executive™’ Guarantee.
Complete Satisfaction or 100% of your money back no fuss, no quibble.

It is my commitment to you that we will deliver a world-class 3-Day seminar, keeping our promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with the programme.


Should I attend?

When You Negotiate, do you…

  • Think you could be more persuasive?
  • Get frustrated and walk away thinking ‘I could have got better deal!’
  • Feel like you have not achieved a win:win
  • Feel you have not really had a ‘fair exchange’ of value?

When You Sell, do you…

  • Think you have the top 7 qualities of top sales professionals?
  • Feel you identify the client’s needs and wants accurately?
  • Get nervous or apprehensive before a big deal?
  • Lose more opportunities than you should?
  • Answer objections well and move the sale to the next level?

When you are ‘busy’, do you…

  • Actually get things done? Or… are you just ‘busy’?
  • Sometimes feel like you’ve been doing a lot, but achieving very little?
  • Do you know how to prioritize what’s important and what’s urgent?
  • Are you as effective with your time as you’d like to be?

When you present, do you experience any of the following…

  • You always get very nervous before you present
  • You’d do anything to avoid giving presentations!
  • You’re so anxious that you sometimes forget what you have to say!
  • Your credibility is undermined because you can’t articulate what you need say
  • You can’t make yourself clear when you present
  • You go blank!
  • You hate the Q&A sessions at the end
  • You get a lot of "this is boring" glances from your audience!

Go back to when you last faced an audience, or when you last gave a presentation…

  1. Was it uncomfortable?
  2. Perhaps a little embarrassing?
  3. Did you get heart palpitations?
  4. Did you wish you weren’t there?
  5. Was your confidence low ?
  6. Did you fumble and mumble a little?

Don’t worry – you are certainly not alone! The above are all totally normal behaviours exhibited by most people who haven’t had the time (or opportunity?) to learn professional business skills; from the experts.

If you appreciate how critical these business skills are, then… this seminar is definately for You, this is your Window of Opportunity – don’t miss it!

You have absolutely NO RISK, and nothing to lose!

You could learn these very Effective, Essential and Proven presentation skills and techniques, successfully used by Senior Executives in organisations like (GE, Sanofi-aventis, Ford, Deloitte, Mitsubishi, Barclays, Johnson & Johnson) designed to increase your confidence, ‘presence’ and credibility.

We have worked with many leading blue chip companies, and this is what they have to say …

Core values: excellence, partnership and entrepreneurship

When we contract new training suppliers we look for potential ‘partners’ who act in line with our core values: excellence, partnership and entrepreneurship.

ImpactSkills show high performance in all three criteria.

The structure of their programmes, content and interactive coaching methodology is very effective. Their facilitators are enormously experienced and true professionals.

We recommend ImpactSkills as a trusted partner for core business skills training.

Per Breuer Global
, HR Manager
Roland Berger Munich


Whole heartedly recommend ImpactSkills..

ImpactSkills strategic learning thoughts contribute significantly to Deloitte drive towards our vision “To become the Standard of Excellence”.

Deloitte already considers the relationship with Impact Skills as long standing and we are committed to run many more programmes together in Executive Presentation, Business Development and Coaching Skills.

I can whole heartedly recommend ImpactSkills as a value adding business partner.

Jan Berntsson, CEO
Deloitte Stockholm


Content and delivery was first class…

I would highly recommend Laith and Impact Skills to any senior executive looking for a really high-end training solution.

I was extremely impressed by the course in every respect – the content and delivery was first class and everybody without exception has benefitted.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laith and his team to anybody who is serious about professional development

Natalia Rubio,HR Director,
MSX International Madrid


Exceeded our expectations…

I have had the pleasure to work with Impact Skills to upgrade the communication skills General Managers, HR Directors and middle management teams in a highly international context.

We have received consistently very positive feedback from the participants.

Significant improvements have been achieved through these training sessions, which have proven to be highly efficient and which have exceeded our expectations.

All Impact Skills facilitators we have worked with have shown a high level of professionalism. We will certainly continue to work with Impact Skills in the future.

Sven Sommerlatte
, Vice President, Human Resources
Sanofi-Aventis Paris

Date and Location
[sniplet completeexecutivedates]
London, Park Lane (refreshments included!)

“Very effective session showing how small changes can make a major difference in delivery. Very good facilitator and presenter. Will make a big difference in how I present in future "

T. Mills


On this seminar we will show you HOW TO:

  • Present like a Professional
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Deliver Clear and focused messages
  • Be persuasive and influential when you present
  • Handle a challenging audience
  • Get your ‘calls to action’ achieved!
  • Ensure your body language and words are congruent

The seminar is highly interactive and you enjoy the benefit of private 1-to-1 coaching and feedback (normally a premium service).

But there’s a lot more…

Just to give some honest feedback, when we run our seminar; the feedback we receive is that we gave away too much content! Can you believe it?

But instead of cutting back, I have extended the learning points and ‘take-away’ retention pieces so that you can…

  1. Uncover the simplest and most effective way to present like a professional.
  2. Learn at least a dozen vital, powerful communication techniques. The kind that will inspire people to take action when you present. Do not underestimate how powerful these are!
  3. Discover how to position yourself as the expert in your niche, so that you stand head and shoulders above all your competitors (internal or external to your oranisation) regardless of your industry.
  4. Appreciate the effectiveness of leveraging your time when clear, articulate leadership skills are put into action.
  5. Walk out with an action plan to implement the techniques you’ll learn over the weekend; quickly and effectively.
  6. Avoid the pitfalls that most inexperienced business people make! Get it right the first time, every time! This means that you can dodge the catastrophic and embarrassing mistakes that most of us made have made in the past! Step up to any business challenge confidently!
  7. Enjoy the opportunity to network with forward thinking Executives in HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing and IT.
  8. Discover strategies for overcoming the fear of Presentations, Negotiations, Team productivity and embrace the mindset that will fill you with confidence and excitement about your next business meeting or interaction.

And much more…

At the end of this intensive content-packed three-day seminar you will leave with:

  1. ‘The Living Leader’ published book
  2. The Seminar workbook itself
  3. Tip Cards; for the whole event
  4. The whole seminar professionally filmed on DVD
  5. Your own small DVDs (with recorded personal coaching)
  6. The CD (audio; to listen to in your car or ipod) of the whole event.
  7. Transcript of the whole event. Wow!
  8. Remember; The true value of this training is £1276 – book now to get your seat for just £532!


    Professionals who have already attended our seminar have dramatically increased their confidence in presenting, business results and overall team performance.


    Do you qualify?

    In order to get these proven, World-Class, Strategies and Skills, there are just two qualifying criteria to attend:

    • You must really want to improve your critical business skills
    • Have no objection to having fun!

    YES! I Would Really Like To Attend Your Seminar To Learn Critical Business Strategies to Increase My Personal Impact and effectiveness in business!

    Below you’ll find the dates where this Seminar will be taking place.

    Seminar – London

    [sniplet completeexecutivedates]

    Venue 1

    Date: [sniplet completeexecutivedates]
    Time: Seminar: 9:00am – 5:30pm every day
    Venue: Park Lane Hotel
    Cost: Regular Price £1276 Today ONLY £532


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    “Fantastic! Really enjoyed it and will have to do the 2 day course!  I was taken out of my comfort zone, challenged and made to feel great. "




    “Excellent! Learnt such a lot in only 3 hours. Felt much more confident and was amazed to see the difference in my 2nd DVD. "




    “Entertaining, interesting and enlightening.  I can’t believe how much I learned from just one morning. It was amazing to see on the video just what a change the training had made. "

    K. Milsom


    Remember this is a VERY LIMITED offer. This seminar will not be for you unless you want to improve your CORE business skills. There are very limited places and it is "strictly first come first serve".

    Time Limited offer:

    We work in small classes to ensure quality training and exceptional private one-to-one feedback.

    • When: [sniplet completeexecutivedates]
    • Where: Park Lane Hotel (Central London)

    Places are strictly limited to a select group of individuals who truly appreciate the value of world-class business skills.

    Numbers are limited to just a handful of Marketing, HR, Sales, IT and Commercial Managers / Directors, who are absolutely seriously committed to increasing their world class business skills to compete with the best.

    This is one of those moments…

    Have you ever had one of those moments in life that you look back on and think- "that moment changed everything?"

    Join me at this inspirational, information packed seminar and your eyes will be opened to a new realm of what’s possible when you have these skills.

    Imagine looking back to the [sniplet completeexecutivedates] having been given an opportunity to easily, effortlessly and confidently give presentations, negotiate, sell and make the best use of your time. It will make a huge difference to you and all those in your team who work with you. It is possible… and it all starts with The Complete Executive Seminar.


    Grab Your Seminar Place Now:


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    Iron-clad Money-Back Guarantee

    ‘The Complete Executive™’ Guarantee.
    Complete Satisfaction or 100% of your money back no fuss, no quibble.
    It is my commitment to you that we will deliver a world-class 3-Day seminar, keeping our promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with the programme.

    We’re really are very excited about the seminar! The skills, techniques and knowledge you could walk away with on Sunday night will be priceless.

    Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to meeting you over a coffee and working with you at our very exciting seminar! Have a great week.

    To Your Continued Success,

    Laith Hofayz
    Managing Director

    PS: Remember you will be at exclusive Park Lane Hotel, with a select group of professionals who are very motivated to take action and develop their essential business skills, to really propel their their careers!

    PPS: I am know with absolute certainty that you’re going to rave about his seminar, and that is why You have my 100% money-back guarantee.

    Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!