This exciting new programme will give you the tools to be a more effective communicator, more often with more people …and still have time to play!
  In all industries there are ‘Key People’
  • Their names come up in conversations… for all the right reasons
  • They attract great opportunities… a lot of them
  • They are richer people…in ‘life’, not just financially
  • They are synonymous with success… and bring success when involved
  • They inspire others… particularly when there is lack of resources or direction
  ImpactSkills Training has identified the human skills, which make good business people into great business people. Great business people; whether running their own companies or working in a corporate environment, demonstrate certain skills on a consistent basis.
  Their technical prowess at their jobs is a ‘given’. ImpactSkills focuses on the human elements of behaviour that give Key People the ability to ‘get things done’ more effectively using less resources- and still have fun!
  ImpactSkills believes there are three core components to ‘Key People’; the ability to
  • Communicate effectively
  • Sell and negotiate successfully
  • Self manage and effective teamwork
  ImpactSkills has developed and packaged a 3-Day Seminar “The Complete Executive™” that encapsulates all these elements. We passionately believe this programme will propel you to the next level in business.
“When we contract new training suppliers we look for potential ‘partners’ who act in line with our core values: excellence, partnership and entrepreneurship.
ImpactSkills show high performance in all three criteria.
The structure of their programmes, content and interactive coaching methodology is very effective. Their facilitators are enormously experienced and true professionals.
We are pleased to recommend ImpactSkills as a trusted partner.”
Per Breuer
GlobalHR Manager,Roland Berger
– Munich

1. Executive Presentation Skills
Value £997.00


You will learn How To…

  • Easily Connect with Your Audience
  • Use Your Voice (Volume, Inflection, Pace & Tonality)
  • Use Your Body & Physiology effectively
  • Build Trust and Rapport with your audience quickly
  • Create and Deliver Effective Visuals
  • Handle Q&A Professionally
  • Plenty of real-world Practice!
The ability to present is regarded as the No #1 core skill requirement in business today. If you cannot present your case, or articulate a story effectively, you are limiting your potential. Having a message that is clearly understood and delivered in a consistently professional and concise manner causes people to act as desired.

2. Executive Negotiation Skills
Value £997.00


You will learn How To…

  • Build Trust and Rapport with Your Clients
  • Overcome Dead-ends ‘road blocks’
  • Be More Persuasive
  • Decline and Explain
  • Saying ‘No’ effectively
  • Progress The Deal to Win-Win situation
  • Understand their position / defending your position
  • Collaborate to agree
The ability to negotiation skilfully is an art. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the business context; externally with clients, it can be used every day internally at work, or at home. Negotiating respectfully so tha tthe outcome is a genuine win-win, with a genuine ‘fair exchange’ of value, is what develops rapport and strengthens relationships.

3. Consultative Sales Skills
Value £997.00


You will learn How To…

  • Create a Powerful Opener
  • Convert More Prospects into More Clients, More often
  • Increase Your Close Ratio
  • Probe for information, counter objections
  • Easily Maintain Great Relationships with Clients
  • Easily Get Repeat Sales!
‘No’ or ‘low’ sales means your business will struggle. Having a unique, proven system for sales planning and consultative dialogue skills that will improve sales results and build client-centered relationships is a valuable tool in any business.
The ‘sale’ could be externally to a clients, or a ‘sale’ could be internal; where you need to sell your idea.
“I have had the pleasure to work with ImpactSkills to upgrade the communication skills of General Managers, HR Directors and middle management teams in a highly international context.
We have received consistently very positive feedback from the participants…which have exceeded our expectations.
All Impact Skills facilitators we have worked with have shown a high level of professionalism. We will certainly continue to work with Impact Skills in the future.”

Sven Sommerlatte
Vice President HR,Sanofi-Aventis
– Paris

4. Time | Self Management Skills
Value £497.00


You will learn How To…

  • Manage your time better
  • Finish all your tasks on time
  • Learn to say ‘No’ and delegate more
  • Plan ahead to avoid fire fighting
  • Distinguish between ‘important’ and ‘urgent’; what really needs to be done
  • Gain confidence to get more done, and still have time to play
“Time” is a finite resource; it is the only bank account you can make a withdrawal from, but can never deposit in…spend it wisely! This module is as much about self-management as it is about managing your time. Learn how to be in control of your time and achieve business tasks and projects by the assigned deadlines.

5 Team Effectiveness Module
Value £497.00


You will learn How To…

  • Achieve better results in your team
  • Take more risks and explore more opportunities
  • Create and generate more ideas
  • Help each your team collaborate with confidence
  • Motivate and inspire each other
  • Create a sense of belonging and desire to achieve the same goal
They say there’s no ‘i’ in team. Working in a happy and effective team makes a massive difference to a project being a success or not. Learn how to develop your teams’ collaborative skills and breathe life, creativity and a desire to pull together to achieve your project goals.
You will also receive…
• “Presentation Virgins” Tip Booklet Value £10
• Personal miniDVD Value £10
• Newsletter (12 months) Value £497
• Guest Speaker (TBC) Value ?
“ImpactSkills strategic learning thoughts contribute significantly to Deloitte drive towards our vision “To become the Standard of Excellence”.
Deloitte already considers the relationship with Impact Skills as long standing and we are committed to run many more programmes together in Executive Presentation, Business Development and Coaching Skills.
I can whole heartedly recommend ImpactSkills as a value adding business partner.”
Jan Berntsson
CEO Deloitte
– Stockholm
If you book your place by 1st June 2010, you will receive two Special Bonuses;

Bonus # 1 Value £247

• The whole event on DVD, CD and Transcript

Bonus # 2 Value £497

• Access to Me / Trainer 1:1, that is 2 x 20min Presentation Consultation with me or one of my trainers
The true value of all the individual components is £4749. As promised at the presentation workshop, your investment is not £4749 it is only £1064 + VAT (for 2 people).
You pay only £1064+VAT for two people.

In recent years I have personally spent over £25,000 on mentoring, coaching and training programmes to develop myself and have the skills to be a more effective at everything I do. If I was offered ‘The Complete Executive™’ programme for just £532 + VAT (per person) I would be saying to myself…
You may wonder why we are delivering this programme at such a ludicrously low price? It’s very simple;
Three main reasons; because we would like to 1. Test all the components of the seminar ‘fit together’ and work, 2. Test the market, 3. Gain testimonials. You will be the first to experience this incredible seminar at an extremely attractive price.
ImpactSkills has a wealth of experience and world-class trainers and facilitators who are well versed, very passionate and highly skilled at delivering these programmes.

So it’s quite simple, I simply want to ensure that you…

  • Experience a phenomenal, fun-packed learning weekend!
  • Learn and enhance fundamental, core business skills!
  • Give a great testimonial at the end!

Your Trainers

I have attended many many training programmes and have often wondered what am I actually buying?
Training is intangible, so what you’re actually buying is the trainers’ ability to transfer their skills, knowledge and experience in the most engaging and fun manner.
You have already witnessed and experienced ImpactSkills in action, so you appreciate the style and unique proven-to-work delivery system that we use.
I am very privileged and humbled to have found, and consequently worked alongside ImpactSkills highly skilled trainers. ImpactSkills trainers have well over 100 years collective experience at delivering training all over the world, in several dozen countries on four continents.
During the embryonic stages of ImpactSkills Training Ltd, we made mistakes (lots of them!) …but after a couple of months; I am honoured and very proud to say that we have trained many 1000’s of participants over the years,and we’ve maintained a 100% record of absolute client satisfaction. The credit for absolute client satisfaction is due to our world-class, knowledgeable trainers.
I choose to engage only talented, experienced and passionate trainers. At ‘The Complete Executive’ you will have access to at least two of these trainers for the whole weekend. So it is with absolute confidence that I can say; you are in good hands!
“I would highly recommend Laith and ImpactSkills to any senior executive looking for a really high-end training solution.
I was extremely impressed by the course in every respect – the content and delivery was first class and everybody without exception has benefitted.
I would not hesitate to recommend Laith and his team to anybody who is serious about professional development”
Natalia Rubio
MSX Int’l,HR Director
– Madrid

The number of participants is deliberately being limited to ensure quality and appropriate 1-to-1 time for coaching during exercises.

Your trainers for the seminar are very experienced, highly skilled international speakers and business development experts. If you are part of the the select few that participate, you will not only have three fantastic days, you will learn five essential skills – from the best in the business – to propel you and your business to the next level.

‘The Complete Executive’ will run again, but it will be priced at the far more realistic price of £1497 + VAT per person (almost three times what you are investing).

If you are determined to attend; there is very limited availability. This is your opportunity to reserve your place now before we are sold out. Spaces on our seminars fill very quickly!

Iron-clad Money-Back Guarantee
‘The Complete Executive™’ Guarantee.
Complete Satisfaction or 100% of your money back no fuss, no quibble.
It is my commitment to you that we will deliver a world-class 3-Day seminar, keeping our promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with the programme.


My promise to you…

If by the end of Day 1 you are not entirely satisfied with the programme, the content and your learning experience, I will return all your money back 100%, no quibble, no fuss. That is my promise and commitment to you.
To Your Continued Growth and Success,
Kind Regards
Laith Hofayz,Managing Director, ImpactSkills Training
PS: You will only receive the 2 Extra Bonuses if you reserve your place by 1st June 2010.
Bonus # 1:  The whole event on DVD, CD and Transcript; Value £247
Bonus # 2:  Access to Me / Trainer 1:1, 2 x 20min Presentation Consultation; Value £497