The Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting…Are you committing them?

You are now only 5 steps away from mastering the art of successful presenting. So far we have covered eye and hand control. Today we are moving on to the third deadly sin of presenting….

# Sin 3 – Not projecting a physical energy and strong stance

Try to project energy through voice [more of this later] and gestures. Your audience receives your message through the combined impact of how you look, how you sound, and what you say. Facial expression, gestures, eye movement, volume, vocal tones combine with your words to send a message to your audience.

You must maintain an appropriately high level of energy using all these channels to keep an audience’s attention.

You must also make sure that none of your signals undermines your message. Displaying low energy may cause you to look like you don’t care about, or don’t believe-in what you are presenting.

If you release energy, that energy makes itself felt in your audience. Have you ever seen a presenter?

  • Shifting from one leg to the other?
  • Move around or pace?
  • Tilt from side to side
  • ‘Dance’ on the spot (nervous energy)
  • Stand in an awkward manner, back not straight and leaning to one side?   


How does this impact the viewer?  Again, not great!

To demonstrate what happens when you are committing Sin 3 I have recorded another short video below so that you can see for yourself what it looks like when a presenter does not project a physical energy and strong stance.

[bitsontherun pYgAPrFc]

To project physical energy and strong stance:

  • Plant your feet in a balanced stance, feet should be shoulder width apart. Not too close ‘soldier to attention’, or you will feel unbalanced, conversely feet not too wide apart or you will look like John Wayne riding a horse!
  • Stand straight!  This is not new advice. You probably heard this from your parents when you were a child. Stand straight, with your back straight, it gives the impression of having ‘presence’ and confidence.
  • Breathe deeply from your diaphragm, it helps your stance and reduces anxiety by re-oxygenating your blood.

Play the video below to see this critical step in action

[bitsontherun uuUEVeRF]

Stance is the third critical step to becoming a confident and effective presenter. Tomorrow we will be looking at the fourth critical step so look out for tomorrow’s email.

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P.S. We would really value your feedback and opinion on how helpful you have found this critical step and how you feel it will help you in the future when you master this skill therefore please take a moment to leave your comments below and if there are any other areas that you would like our help with in the future please do tell us and we will create another campaign to help you going forward.