Executive Team Building

2 Day Programme, Tailoring Possible.

Who Should Attend

Any team that needs to complete a project or assignment where on-going collaboration, clear and effective communication, and understanding of their individual and collective contribution is critical to success.

Programme Introduction

Certain projects and interpersonal issues can impede a senior team’s effectiveness. This programme will improve the problem-solving ability among the team members by working through issues to increase efficiencies of a heterogeneous group.

Programme Goals

The final aim is a more cohesive, supportive and trusting group that will have high expectations of task accomplishment. Specifically to

  • Create a team whose members work together effectively
  • Balance the needs of the individual, team and organisation
  • Empower and motivate the team to maximise and sustain performance.
  • Give an understanding of the critical ingredients of an effective team in their own context
  • Help understand communication patterns, decision making styles and methods of handling conflict whilst working in teams

Instruction Method

  • Applying the Drexler Sibbert Team Performance Model
  • The search for balance-The Belbin team roles
  • Highly interactive using ImpactSkills unique real-time coaching
  • Group exercises including Role Play
  • Individual and group practice and review
  • Coaching to build individual as well as integrated skills

Why Should I Attend

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself as a team member
  • Enhance your ability to contribute in an effective manner
  • Understand the difference between a team and a collaborative group of people

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Increased productivity
  • Cohesive approach to projects with disparate or diverse teams
  • Collaborative and supportive approach to working through and completing projects
  • Creativity of the group is harnessed
  • Effective teamwork, energy and enthusiasm creates positively impact on motivation
  • Nurture positive atmosphere, vision and enthusiasm
  • Clearer and better decisions are made

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