“Warm and friendly, very welcoming. Dynamic, lively instructor with great sense of humour. Eye contact exercise very valuable. Also very useful to watch self on DVD with commentary. Useful, highly recommended Showcase. Thank you.”
Rada Enterprises

New Presentation Skills Showcase Seminar

We would like you to experience the way we help you learn and walk away with some practical skills that you can use straight away. A mini version of what we normally achieve with our clients.

Therefore over the next two months we will launch 2 FREE Presentation Skills Showcase Seminars. We will be limiting the seminar to only 12 participants per seminar so if you feel you would benefit from being a better presenter and communicator, and would like some one to one help and support pre register by clicking the box below and you will be the first to receive notifications of new dates that are soon to be released.

What you will receive:

  • 2 Essential Presentation Skills you can own & use immediately back in the office!
  • Your own mini DVD of your coaching session
  • The programme work booklet with useful presentation tips
  • Free refreshments & snacks
  • 3 hours+ of interactive learning and fun!

 Recent Showcase Testimonials


“The showcase was fantastic, I’ve personally benefited greatly.”

“This will actually benefit anybody’s company and it certainly going to benefit ours.”

George Thompson, Business Development Coordinator, Pride Service Group
Watch George’s Testimonial (1 min 26 secs)


“Not only the content was excellent, but the method of delivery, which is different, was absolutely superb.”

David Griffin, Director, Business Growth
Watch David’s Testimonial (26 secs)


“Totally different approach to what I had before.”

“I would recommend ImpactSkills.”

Julie Walsh, Director, Lewis PR
Watch Julie’s Testimonial (1 min 36 secs)


“Amazing presentation showcase, I didn’t expect it is going to be so great.”

“It was amazing experience and I would definitely recommend you try it! “

Maryna Polyakova, Resourcer, Acumin
Watch Maryna’s Testimonial (50 secs)


“It was really amazing, very challenging”.

“I would definitely recommend workshops run by ImpactSkills”

Alicja Kuleszynska, PA, Odgers Berndtsons
Watch Alicja’s Testimonial (1 min 1 sec)


“Excellent delivery, real skills taught”.

“Trainer was excellent- true professional”.

Dianne Darling, Implementation Manager, Trace Solutions LTD
Watch Dianne’s Testimonial (1 min 13 secs)


“Excellent content – superb teaching”

“If your job involves presenting to anyone the showcase is time well spent”

John Davidson, Imperial CRS
Watch John’s Testimonial (1 min 48 secs)


“It was a fantastic programme. It far exceeded my expectations”.

Rory Walker, Manager, Sheraton Hotels
Watch Rory’s Testimonial (3 min 1 secs)


“The prompting and coaching as we were going was very beneficial.”

“Gave me a chance to learn by doing which was both fun and very useful.”

Rob Wilson, Websites In Business
Watch Rob’s Testimonial (3 min 07 secs)


“Very useful”.

“Coaching and feedback was excellent”.

Mandy Russell, Manager EMEA Services, EXFO Europe
Watch Mandy’s Testimonial (4 min 05 secs)


“Even if you have had presentations skill training before you will be surprised how much you will pick up!”

“I have a presentation tomorrow – I hope to wow my clients with the news skills I learnt today.”

David Odewale, DAO Business Solutions
Watch David’s Testimonial (2 min 57 secs)

Recent Written Testimonials

  “Excellent- congruent + highly impactful. I’ve met many trainers over the years, but I have to say Lucinda is the best. Energetic, crisp, clever and will deliver immediate benefits. Thank you.”

Nevin Stewart, Managing Director, Stratagem Learning and Development
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent- learnt a lot. Very interested in continuing. Lucinda was first class- engaging and credible.”

Karen Tew, Consultant, KPT Consulting Limited
View Actual Testimonial

  “Great tester session- hungry for more. Surprised at just how much value it was to me.”

Ian Woodward , HR Director, London Clubs International
View Actual Testimonial

  “I found this training to be incredibly useful. Not only was it informative but fun and interesting. In just a few hours presentation skills were learned for a lifetime. I would gladly recommend this course to any executives at any level to help improve their presentation skills. It was great!”

Susan Landre, Global L&D Advisor, NorthgateArinso
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent showcasing of approach, talent & style. I feel confident that I can recommend the programme to clients that I work with.”

Gill Lonsdale, Owner, Gill Lonsdale Consulting Ltd.
View Actual Testimonial

  “Great insights, new approaches, interactive, non-threatening, forensic, customised, personalised, relevant.”

Mark Wiggins, Senior Vice President- Sales, WNS
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very powerful, challenging and useful”

May Dare, Deputy Chief Executive, Hackney Community College
View Actual Testimonial

  “WOW! Wish I had attended 3 years ago! Thanks.”

Annah Ross, Group Learning and & Development Manager, Northgate-IS
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent trainer and useful material. Nice mix of theory and practice.”

Caroline Clarke, Organisational Development Consultant,
Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust  

View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent ”

Chandana Sanyal, L & D Manager, Barnet Council
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very useful and comprehensive ”

Niki Hutchinson, Account Director, Lewis PR
View Actual Testimonial

  “Strong, effective and useful for presenting. Gives you the tools to understand the small changes which can make to become much more effective. ”

Julie Walsh, Associate Director, Lewis PR
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent. Very valuable. ”

Peter Anwyl, Executive Director, International Student House
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very Good. I learnt a great deal and it was fun to spend time with such great people. ”

Laila Bergesen, PA, TFL
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent! ”

Duncan Adamson, Managing Director, Intergence Systems Middle East
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very good content and delivery in a fun and safe environment. ”

David Griffin, Business Coach Development, Business Growth Co Pilot
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very intense and challenging, definitely pushing / forcing participants out of their comfort zones! Great venue, content and delivery, I have learnt so much too! I will definitely recommend your workshops.”

Alicja Kuleszynska
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very useful indeed, learned quite a bit that I need to work on.”

Geoff Haggart, Senior Vice President EMEA/APAC, Websense
View Actual Testimonial

  “Excellent snapshot. Good skills interactive and informative.”

Wendy Menking, Learning & Development Manager, Reliance Global
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very good, high energy, interesting, informal, practical, common sense.”

Karen McCreanor, Senior Human Resource Business Partner, Christian Aid
View Actual Testimonial

  “Very well structured with valuable tips for effective presentations.”

Elizabeth Ajala, Area Revenue Manager, TFL
View Actual Testimonial

“Good delivery of the training session, sufficient detail/content for the time period. Good pace, encouraging and supportive environment.”  
View Actual Testimonial
Hazel Adams, Head of Service, Dental Complains

“I am used to presenting to small and familiar group of people. Today taught me that I can leave my comfort zone and I can see what I need to do to help me to control my presentations.”  
View Actual Testimonial
Nada Chaccour, Deputy Head of Production, Emirates Media

“Excellent. Didn’t expect to learn so much in such a little time. Great presenter. Nice atmosphere would recommend.”  
View Actual Testimonial
Geoffrey Charin, Director of Finance Operations, Parexel International Ltd

“Excellent tips and advice from Lucinda in regards to presenting. Really want to spend a 2-day session with Lucinda, if budget permits.”  
View Actual Testimonial
Juliette Blatch, Head of Recruitment Services, Capgemini

“Fantastic- loved the interaction, even though it felt uncomfortable at times. Lots of staff to take away + think about.”  
View Actual Testimonial
Yvonne Oakenfull, L&D Manager, Shoosmiths Solicitors

“Truly fantastic- I didn’t think I could learn so much in such a short space of time. Definitely the case of ‘less is more’.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Ify Nonyelu, Head of Strategy Management, Transport for London

“Excellent-essential skills that are rarely addressed. Presentation-excellent, content – relevant, skills-fun, but focused. Very useful.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Peter Quinn, Strategic Organisational & Structural Change & Development Adviser, Slough Borough Council

“Everything was fantastic. It was definitely more than a seminar. A very constructive workshop. Thank you.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Anji Sara, Sales Manager, TechTrek ltd

“Fantastic introduction into how I and my organisation can sharpen and improve our Presentation Skills.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Arun Anand, Senior Program Manager, Serena Software Inc

“Really helpful advice, well paced and personable trainer.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Kelly Iles, HR Information Systems, Institution of Civil Engineers

“Very impressive, clearly instructed, specific skills.” 
View Actual Testimonial
Richard Collins, Trainer Consultant, Trace Solutions

“Excellent. Extremely professional. Learnt valuable tools during the session. Slick videoing and review. Very impressed with the team, content and concepts involved. ” 
Sarah Lang, L&D Associate, Environment Agency

“Genuine. I felt relaxed enough to experience it and learn. It works!” 
Jennifer Macdonald, L&D Manager, Christies Auction House

“Extremely impactful and an understatement to say it took me out of my comfort zone, but without question the most effective informative course about presentations I’ve attended! In addition, the honesty of the feedback was refreshing.” 
Gerard Davies, Security Manager, William Hill

“Excellent and amazed at how much we covered in such a short time.” 
Jenny Cooper, Head of Customer Marketing, ING Direct

Conditions of Booking

As our showcases provide real practical experience and learning we charge a small refundable deposit. This will be returned to you when you attend the showcase or if you give us a week’s notice that you will not be present. This enables us to make sure we have a room full of people keen and eager to develop their presenting skills.