Mastering The Media

2 Day Programme, Tailoring Possible.

Target Audience

Senior personnel in any organisation who may be interviewed or asked for a statement on radio, television or print.

General Description

A one day instructor-led programme for a small group; no more than 8 participants that builds expertise at being interviewed by the media and teaches them to present themselves well on camera, in print, and in front of large audiences.

Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to organize, prepare, and deliver effective responses to interview questions. They will know how to present themselves persuasively in radio, print and TV interviews, press conferences, shareholder meetings, panel discussions, and other public events.

Teaching Methods

  • Interactive Discussions
  • Individual practice with instructor and peer feedback
  • Coaching to build individual as well as integrated skills
  • DVD practice and review

Why Should I Attend

  • Increases competence in a critical media and leadership skill
  • Improves communication skills across a variety of business media interviews
  • Sharpens clarity of responses
  • Improves public image
  • Reduces nervousness and stress during media interviews
  • Enhances ability to think under pressure in interviews or public events
  • Confidence to respond to challenges during interviews

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Enhances the public image of the organization
  • Company messages and positions are effectively presented in media situations
  • Company messages are clear, focused and concisely delivered
  • Confidence in the company improves
  • Allows company to capitalize on media opportunities
  • Professional standards are set for those who present in media situations
  • Develops leadership and media skills with key personnel

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