About You

“Very well structured with great content and delivery. I have really enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot of new practical skills which I can apply immediately in my business life.”
Acumin Consulting Ltd, Founder & Managing Director

You are a middle level or senior Manager or Director who is already presenting to inform or influence others, but feel you, or your team could do it better.

Perhaps you are involved in human resources as an HR Director, Talent or People Development Manager and it is your responsibility to ensure that your colleagues and peers have world-class communication skills.

It’s likely that you could be in marketing, a Marketing Director or Manager, or perhaps a Sales Manager or Director responsible for business development, where excellent and sales skills are essential to your success.

In any case, you or the people you look after, need to Present, Negotiate, Influence, Sell or Coach others on a very regular basis. From ‘information giving presentations’ to more high-stakes influential seminars to senior peers, to persuading others to adopt your plans or ideas for the business. It is clear that communication skills are fundamental to your role.

It might be that you feel you do not have enough confidence. Maybe others have commented on a lack of clarity or impact in your presenting style. Perhaps you worry about how credible you appear?

You might watch others presenting with a confidence and style, that makes people remember what they said long after they have finished. You are left impressed, and wondering how they did it.

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