Business Writing Skills

1 Day Programme, Tailoring Possible.

Programme Introduction

This programme is suitable for up to 15 participants. The course instructs on high impact writing skills, both written and typed. Participants bring examples of their own real correspondence to be worked on during the programme, all programme material is included.

Programme Goals

By the end of the programme participants will be able to organize, write and edit business correspondence that is personal, powerful and accomplishes the writers’ goals.

How Does Your Organisation Benefit

  • Written messages are succinct, focused and clear
  • Employees spend less time re-writing and editing documents
  • Messages are written in a professional, yet personal style
  • Your organisation has the confidence that written messages will achieve desired outcomes
  • Repeat communications due to unclear messages is reduced
  • In-house professional written standards adopted across all employees
  • Employees view company as having offered important career enhancing skill

Instruction Method

  • Pre-programme work related documents are used as material to be created, corrected, enhanced or edited
  • Interactive coaching and participative exercises
  • Writing practice with instructor and peer feedback
  • Coaching and editing documents to build individual as well as integrated skills.

Why Should You Attend

  • Increased competence in a career-enhancing core business skill
  • Confidence that messages will accomplish required outcomes
  • Improved reading and editing skills
  • Reduction of time spent writing and editing messages
  • Working knowledge of a process for creating well-written documents
  • Improved message clarity, tone and style
  • Poor understanding and miscomprehension of messages reduced
  • Achieve required results through excellent written skills

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