“Thank you for an outstanding training course . A weight has been taken of my shoulders. I can now focus on the content and not worry about the presentation skills. What an impact this has made on my professional life.”
MSX International, Senior Project Manager

Our Peak Performance programmes focus on today’s crucial business skill requirements.  Not surprisingly, these skills revolve around leadership and communication.

How we communicate, what we say, and the manner in which it is said, is crucial in gaining the listeners confidence in your message.  These are some of the programmes where these skills can be learnt:

The above programmes are simply a taste of ImpactSkills capability. We do much more! Tell us which area of communication interests you, we can then design a programme to that suits your organisation and business needs best.  Indeed, the majority of our programmes are custom designed to fulfill specific organisational requirements.

ImpactSkills maintains an active corporate training program that provides specialised communication skills training at client locations around the world.

These on-site workshops and seminars may be a two hour coaching session on a 1:1 basis enabling a senior manager to prepare for a critical presentation, or multiple-day classes for larger groups of employees involved in career advancement and on-going education programmes.

We routinely develop customised in-house training solutions for a variety of other specialised needs, including sales force training, tradeshow selling, speaker’s training, and call center training, among many others.

We offer a free skills audit service to identify your requirements. 

ImpactSkills is committed exclusively to building effective leadership and communication skills in your organisation.  If your position requires you to do any of the following – presentations, listening, selling or business development, writing, negotiating, managing, facing the media, or coaching, then ImpactSkills can help.