2 Day Programme, Tailoring Possible.

Who Should Attend

If you would like to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands and become more effective at making requests of others, or generally improving your level of assertiveness and increase your confidence and selfesteem then this course is for you.

Programme Introduction

This is a highly interactive, supportive and practical programme. It is aimed at learning to develop assertiveness skills and increase confidence to make effective at work and work/life balance.

Programme Goals

  • Understanding assertive behaviour
  • How being assertiveness, confident and Self-esteem are related
  • How to handle challenging situations confidently and assertively
  • Recognising body language and responding appropriately
  • Planning your strategy for dealing with assertive behaviour

Instruction Method

  • Light on theory, focus on ‘doing’
  • Interactive coaching
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Coaching, peer and video feedback to build individual and integrated skills
  • Video practice and review

Why Should I Attend

  • Make requests assertively
  • Say no to unreasonable requests or assertively agree a solution
  • Identify your own strengths and areas for developing assertive behaviour at work
  • Use your body language more effectively to support assertive communication
  • Use self-confidence building techniques to reduce negativity and increase self-esteem

Benefits To Your Organization

  • Increased clarity of communication all round
  • Reduce costly misunderstanding and conflicts
  • Improvements in efficiency and a more confident team
  • Business performance enhanced through stronger relationships
  • Less “game playing” and politics


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