How it works

“Very positive! I’ve learnt a lot from this programme, and felt it was ‘uplifting’, fun and it focused on the right levels of experience I have.”
VeriSign, PR Manager

We believe our methodology is unique.  We ensure the time you invest in learning is effective.

Our instruction is highly varied and interactive.  We can keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the delegates and instructor, and of course validate the new skills and knowledge through hands-on learning & development.

It has been well documented that the more senses used to learn a new skill, the more likely it is retained.  Combine this with the hands-on approach and practical learning that we employ, it becomes a learning style that succeeds.

Our programmes are not lecture style – far from it!  ImpactSkills utilises several learning styles throughout the day, visual, auditory, tactile and most important: practice.  

  • Real-Time coaching
  • Practice-based skill enhancement
  • Work-place related content

Our real-time coaching gets results – fast.  Instructors will tweak, modify and give direction on an individual basis in real-time, to rehearse and practice until it’s just right!

This means that instructor feedback is immediate, the correction is made, practiced and rehearsed before moving on, this achieves long-lasting results, fast.  Indeed, your employees will be able to use their new skills as soon as they are back at work.  The majority of our programmes are video taped with documented evidence of their new skills.

Practice-based learning is essential in our opinion.  ImpactSkills programmes are not a lecture! People learn best by ‘doing’ and rehearsing.  This methodology allows the participants to enhance and perfect their skills.  Our methodology is highly interactive, and keeps the participants engaged.  Many traditional courses go through a natural lull, particularly after lunch when delegates need more stimulation.  ImpactSkills programmes ensure delegates are on their feet from the first 20mins on the first day!

Our programmes are work-place related and job-based, so your employees do not compromise company time.  In fact, they will return to the office with deliverables they can use immediately.