Executive Coaching Programme

From ½ Day, Tailored

This specialist one-to-one programme designed with senior executives in mind, particularly suitable for your CEO, Vice Presidents or Directors. Using only hand-picked, highly experienced business coaches, this training is to enhance your leaders’ core competencies.

Chief Executives, Directors and senior management of most organisations are short of time, so your ImpactSkills coach will travel where ever they are needed, any time of the week.

Time restrictions, their senior position, the type of sensitive information they normally deal with and politics, sometimes means one-to-one coaching needs to be discreet, highly effective, well timed and targeted.

The challenges of making an important, high-stakes presentation to an internal or external audience can be intimidating and the problems can be compounded by the lack of essential preparation time. ImpactSkills can ensure that you deliver a world-class experience to your audience, with charisma, confidence, and panache – every time.

Our approach works best when working towards a specific objective, for example; an imminent ‘high stakes’ presentation, TV appearance, large conference, speech, board meeting or a shareholder meeting or a product launch. ImpactSkills special cadre of faculty have considerable experience at preparing board-level executives from hundreds of
multinational companies, world wide.


So how does your CEO improve their skills? Not a single Executive Coaching Programme is the same. They are all highly tailored programmes for an individual – or an exclusive small team – to develop skills in a focused, safe learning environment.

The sessions are designed around each client’s goals, objectives and learning needs as described by themselves or their peers. Our unique “real-time-coaching” technique is designed to change behaviour.

Performance improvement is both observable and measurable. All exercises are filmed (optional) and a personal miniDVD is retained by the participant as a powerful reinforcement too. Working both with the individual and the company we:

  • Assess current skill levels
  • Establish objective of the important event
  • Identify areas that need improvement
  • Work related and real-world situations are used as the basis for all practice
  • Provide hands-on coaching
  • Filming and DVD reviews used extensively after each exercise
  • Assess and underpin the improvement
  • Define objectives and reinforcement steps


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