Executive Presentation Programme

2 Day Programme, Tailoring Possible.

Who Should Attend

Any business person who delivers critical business presentations to a large or small group, internally or externally.

Programme Introduction

This is an instructor-led presentation skills programme for up to 12 participants. A pre-programme assignment must be completed before attending. At the end of the programme participants receive a manual, and reinforcement kit, including personal instruction on their own miniDVD.

Programme Objective

By the end of the program, participants will be able to organise, prepare, and deliver a professional presentation to a group, using appropriate verbal skills, non-verbal skills, and presentation media.

Instruction Method

Instruction and skill reinforcement is through a series of work-related exercises. Coaching is continuous and where appropriate, filmed for private review. Change is both measurable and observable.

  • Interactive tuition throughout
  • Group exercises
  • Individual practice with real-time coaching
  • Coaching and feedback to build individual as well as integrated skills
  • Videotaped practice and review

Why Should You Attend

  • Increased competence in a career-enhancing core business skill
  • Confidence in having a consistent process for communicating in a variety of business settings
  • Ability to deliver clear and focused messages
  • Delivery skills that guarantee the effectiveness of the message or call to action
  • Increased Credibility and Confidence
  • Reduction of nervousness and stress when speaking in public
  • Confidence when handling questions or a challenging audience
  • Ability to use media to enhance the message

How Does Your Company Benefit

  • Messages are clear and focused
  • Messages are delivered in an accurate, concise, and professional manner
  • Improved presentation skills cause listeners to respond or act as desired
  • Need for re-communication due to unclear messages is reduced
  • Professional standards are set for those who present both internally and externally
  • Offers important career-building skills to employees

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