On Paper Testimonials


“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the fruitfull and inspiring experience I had doing the one-to-one presentation training end of last year at ImpactSkills…” Read more

Dr Alexander Keller – Partner, Roland Berger


“Laith Hofayz and his team of facilitators at ImpactSkills have worked with Deloitte Sweden over the past year; they have designed and delivered their unique program Executive Presentation, Coaching and Personal Impact programmes, which have proven to be highly effective.” Read more

Lars Bohman, Human Resources & Talent Partner
Deloitte Sweden


“The value of the training received was very high to me. Compared to other personal development training I received it ranks very high. The relevance of the content was very high as well.The instructors’ knowledge, experience and professionalism was best-in-class. I would definitely use Impact Skills again. I can strongly recommend Impact Skills.” Read more

Klaus Peter Muller, Partner, Rolland Berger


“When we contract new training suppliers we look for potential ‘partner’ who act in line with out core values: excellence, partnership and entrepreneurship” Read more

Per Breuer, Global HR Manager
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants


I have had the pleasure to work with Impact Skills Training to upgrade the communication skills of different categories of staff within our organization, including, General Managers, HR Directors and middle management teams in a highly international context. Read more

Sven Sommerlatte, Vice President Human Resources Intercontinental


I would encourage any business leader or company to invest the time in such a program as the benefits are multiple and everyone, regardless of prior experience, previous training in the subject matter or existing levels of confidence will benefit and a more focussed high-impact approach will be adopted going forward Read more

Ian Woodward, HR Director, London Clubs International


Overall, I have definitely appreciated the fact that thanks to your brilliant coaching and programme, I feel now confident enough to face any sort of audience having absorbed the right presentation skills. Read more

Rosemarie Ricciardi, Executive Assistant, BOFAS


I must say, that each time I’ve worked with them, I have been very satisfied with their absolute professionalism, attention to detail and unrivalled level of knowledge, experience and willingness to help and support all participants during all their programmes. Read more

Panzy Kohli, Head of Human Resources, Sanofi